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Watch US TV Online Watch US TV now! You can request a FREE 2 hour demo of our streaming US TV Now - Watch Your US TV Anywhere US TV Online - programming to check if your bandwidth supports our IPTV service and see for yourself the picture quality. Just fill in the required info below and then confirm your email address.

The free demo is only for 2 hours. If you desire more time you can choose a paid 24 hour demo. The paid demo is $6.99 for (24 hours).

Note: If you only want the 2 hr Free Demo just fill out name and email in the form below. If you intend to purchase an extended demo please click the Buy Now button below BEFORE completing your name and email. You will automatically be directed back to this page after payment to complete the form below.

Click here for 24 hour demo only $6.99

Before registering for either demo please share this site with your friends and family by clicking one of the buttons below. They will be glad you did! US TV for Military


Your full name and a valid email please. You will be required to confirm your email address once to conform to anti-spam policy. For Free Demo just fill out form below and click submit.Privacy Return Policy ToS 

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Once you confirm you will receive instructions on how to proceed to watch your Habu.TV Demo. If you don't confirm your address we cannot send you instructions. This is to weed out spammers. We do not share your info with anyone period.  Usually the free demo boxes are about a day or two booked out, so please be will be worth it:-)



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