how does it work with a pc connection?

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Watch US TV Online Watch US TV now! Habu.TV provides you with your own private TV feed direct from the states using a combination of IPTV middleware and high quality hosting assets in the states direct to your home broadband or fiber connection.You need a minimum download speed of between 1 and 1.5Mbps or higher and the best thing is there is no extra equipment to worry about as we host everything for you!


how does it work with a tv connection? to TV Set

Want to free yourself from sitting in front of your PC? Watch US TV Anywhere? Then our set top box is for you...It connects to your internet connection with a standard LAN cable and connects to your TV with HDMI, S-Video or RCA. No computer connection is necessary and it comes with a remote control so you can enjoy US programming just as you would with a regular cable or aerial signal. Click Here for ordering instructions...US TV for Military


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